Friday, October 7

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A Case Study: Google Recruitment Marketing Gone Wrong
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A Case Study: Google Recruitment Marketing Gone Wrong

There is a lot of talk about pursuing a degree or not. Every influencer, every successful entrepreneur, has either dismissed the need for a degree or canceled formal education altogether. This dilemma has plagued its target audience; the young impressionable minds. Here's a Startup to Enterprise exclusive report on Google recruitment marketing gone wrong. In 2022, in a viral post, BuzzFeed quotes Erica Rivera*, a Sr. Recruiter at Google, saying, "You have the degree that's what matters." In the full sentence quoted from TikTok to a query about professional summary, Rivera states, "Professional summaries can be great, especially for those looking to make a career change to a new industry. Also, a recruiter. I tell people to remove graduation dates. You have the degree that's what...
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