Code of Conduct will not engage in fake news. News acquired from third-party sources that required evidence are backlinked to the source via Web Archive. does not encourage misrepresentation of facts and data. In its journalistic endeavor, the editor and involved partners do not approve news that-

  1. misinforms & misleads
  2. lacks supporting evidence
  3. systematically targets a minority, &
  4. intended for personal vendetta. focuses on global technology and business news focusing on regions from an intellectual point of view and not any one of the below features-

  1. Race & Ethnicity 
  2. Gender & Orientation
  3. Disability & Appearance
  4. Age, Community, Religion & Politics.

We base the Code of Conduct on the principles of inclusion, equality, diversity and respect. 

We take the Code of Conduct as the basis of healthy communication and focus on emerging and established businesses worldwide. Report misinformation to by emailing media[@]startuptoenterprise[.]com. 

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