Sunday, July 25, 2021

Why Should your Brand Hire these 7 Indian Nonbinary Creators?

It is the National Pride Month and here we feature 7 Indian nonbinary creators for brands to hire them for brand marketing campaigns!

Over time, global businesses have championed queer visibility through incredible digital media campaigns. As a result, brand managers are now open to considering nonbinary actors and models for their product launches and various marketing initiatives. But this acceptance is largely evident in western marketing campaigns. India has certainly evolved in this space but far from perfecting inclusion.

It is not empowering the nonbinary creators; by being more inclusive in hiring nonbinary creators, companies do themselves a great favor. Thanks to nonbinary creative directors, actors, and campaign leaders, India’s advertisement & marketing sector is pretty much successful. It is time for Indian technology companies and consumer brands to hire more nonbinary creators for authentic digital marketing campaigns.

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