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Think of Pegasus, and it blows off your mind. Not to forget, the Colonial Pipeline ransomware; sends chills down the spine. Enter Digital Shadows Ltd, an ambitious cybersecurity enterprise, to deflect a ransomware storm, signal a business if its critical data is traded in the dark web market, or just build a lighthouse to warn against the pirates of impersonation.

Digital Shadows SearchLight™ is a digital security service provider that monitors a business slipping into a sinkhole planned by ransom mongers; helps minimize risks such as detecting and preventing potential data loss, securing brand reputation, and reducing the attack surface.

In its newest development, Digital Shadows SearchLight™ looks at the rising case of impersonating domains. The company has learned from its client database how each client website is alerted to 1,100 domains registered to potentially mimic their organization or brand(s) every year.

The newly registered domains at one point appear harmless as they are parked. But more than many make their criminal intentions obvious, which require immediate removal. Internet security teams that manage and triage will enjoy a new lease of time as SearchLight™ intervenes.

Digital Shadows SearchLight™ clients will receive highly filtered, contextualized domain alerts enabling quicker triage, coordination, and response to high-risk impersonations involving usage of logo, content, or duplication of MX record that cybercriminals use to send and receive phishing emails against an URL.

SearchLight™ will programmatically assign a risk score to each finding through automated triage to reduce domain noise. In-house security teams can monitor the alerts and automate the rejection of domains that rank low on threat profiles. Rejected domains are quarantined and perpetually monitored by SearchLight™. 

Domain registration, today, is a close proximate of Earth’s total population on Earth in which impersonations have become a categorical industry that plagues cybersecurity. Think of typosquatting or combosquatting as a nuisance difficult to tell apart when a cybercriminal plans impersonification. 

Impersonification begins at wonderous details starting from transposition, homoglyph, and registration of top-level domains in variations. Digital Shadows’ SearchLight™ takes to account these micro-challenges with significant damage value using industry-specific keywords to ensure comprehensive coverage of impersonating domains and subdomains.

VP of Product at Digital Shadows, Russell Bentley, highlights risks triggered by impersonating domains and the underprepared threat intelligence market that have to trade-off between coverage and accuracy. The present scenario with email impersonation is not limited to businesses but also individuals, as documented in previous coverage.

Founded in 2011 by Alastair Paterson and James Chappell, the company secured $58M in 6 Funding Rounds, the latest being Series C on Jul 9, 2019, led by National Australia Bank following Trinity Ventures, TenEleven Ventures, Storm Ventures, Passion Capital, Octopus Ventures, and Industry Ventures.

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