Wednesday, September 27

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Breakthrough: LyGenesis Biotech Startup to Regenerate Organs
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Breakthrough: LyGenesis Biotech Startup to Regenerate Organs

As reported in MIT Technology Review, "in the coming weeks, a volunteer in Boston, Massachusetts, will be the first to trial a new treatment that could end up creating a second liver in their body." In fact, in the following months, patients suffering from the end-stage liver disease will earn a fresh lease of life that would gain them up to six livers in their bodies. This revolutionary advancement in biotechnology will save people with devastating liver diseases who are not eligible for transplants. But which is this biotech startup making this groundbreaking impact? Introducing LyGenesis, a biotech startup that offers cell therapies that target some of the largest unmet medical needs, from Type 1 diabetes to end-stage Liver and renal disease. The cell therapies completely upend o...
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