Wednesday, June 29

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DeWarmte HeatCycle Harnesses WasteWater to Supply Hot Water
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DeWarmte HeatCycle Harnesses WasteWater to Supply Hot Water

So far, we know that global recyclists could recycle sewage water into drinking water, and hydro-power plants can produce electricity by converting water to hydrogen via a gas turbine or fuel cells. But in this case, a Netherlands-based sustainability startup claims that you can get about 40% of your total heat requirement from your wastewater!  Based in Delft, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands, DeWarmte is a green-tech startup specializing in waste-to-product. Founded in 2019, the Netherlands-based green tech startup takes the wastewater at an average of 27 degrees Celcius from household use, such as showering, flushing, washing dishes, laundry, etc., and extracts all usable heat. The extracted heat is then used to heat fresh water, cutting down on the energy to create hot household water....
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