Guest Contributor is a global digital news and media publication featuring people, business, technology, & marketing across startups to enterprises. Just like us, on the Internet, you’ll find numerous places that publish news. Some of the sites are automated; they work as content aggregators. For us, it is journalism. We report with a perspective that informs and educates at the same time.

If you wish to be a guest contributor to, read the below submission guidelines. Before you proceed, please note that-

  1. There is no fee for an individual guest contributor to get published
  2. There is a fee for business guest contributors for backlinks to their businesses based on the nature and size of the business and how an association with us can add them value or vice-versa. Would you please email to discuss this in detail?

Guest Contributor: Submission Guidelines

Step 1

Interested guest contributors must fulfill the below requirement to begin a conversation-

  • Read our work to get a sense of what we may accept
  • Have an up-to-date and active LinkedIn account (Applicable for all Applicants)
  • Have a Muckrack account. If not, please create it with an up-to-date portfolio (Applicable for Journalists)
  • Have previous experience in writing articles on business, marketing, and technology

Ready with the above? Great, move to Step 2 or visit us when you are ready with Step 1. 

Step 2

Interested guest contributors will be given a list of topics (business, marketing, and technology) to write on. The write up must be-

  • Original & previously unpublished
  • Relevant & timely
  • Adhere to the Content Style Guide (You’ll receive on acceptance of your application)
  • We do not tolerate plagiarism.

Ready with the above? Great, move to Step 3 or visit us when you accept the conditions in Step 2. 

Step 3

The editor reserves right to fully reject a submission or edit it substantially if needed. In most cases, we won’t publish an article that doesn’t make sense to us. Because if we can’t make sense of what we publish, we can’t expect our readers to spend their precious time on our site.

Ready with the above? Great, read the Compensation Policy or visit us when you are ready with our editorial condition.

Compensation Policy

Guest contributors write at their will if and only they have realized some value in writing for us. We’d say that value is the compensation on acceptance. Additionally, guest contributors get i) byline & ii) up to two DA40+  backlinks.

Ready with the above? Great, read the Closing Note or visit us when the above offer works for you.

Guest Contributor: Closing Note

We can’t wait to work with you. Once you have submitted your application and successfully reviewed your profile, you’ll receive the link to upload your work.

Meantime, follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook. If your article is published, we’ll use them to tag and socially interact with your content.

Ready with the above? Great, proceed to ‘Submit Application’ or visit us when the above offer works for you.