Global Tech Influencers at Digital Innovation Virtual Conference 2020


Global Industry 4.0 Influencers at Digital Innovation Virtual Conference 2020

Till 2019, conference networking around the world was energetic and unrestricted; we could travel to the coolest destination taking a break from our professional and personal lives to advance our stake in the futuristic. But sadly, 2020 interjected and to stave off COVID19, implemented social distancing.

Now, professionals around the world rapidly adapted to the need for social distancing, making work-from-home the new norm. This, in turn, did save us from the pandemic but questions, among many other compelling things, our lack of networking necessary to advance our discipline in the space of technology and digital transformation.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, US, InnovationDigi conducted several chapters of successful conferences on technology over the years. This year, it took no exception to organize yet another and most powerful technology networking; the Digital Innovation Virtual Conference 2020 or #IDC2020 slated for Nov 5, 2020, in principle aiming to advance dialogues to open up doors.

In this, for you, is an excellent opportunity to access the minds of leading entrepreneurs, technologists, scientists, researchers, genome coders & digital engineers, and other high performing enterprise analytics professionals. Some of the sponsors and panelists are/from Celonis, Salesforce, Eli Lilly and Company, Accenture, GE, Optum, Roche, MS Companies, Eleven Fifty Academy, Indiana Department Of Child Services, Cummins Inc. Phoenix Data Corporation, Conference Ventures, LLC, Indiana University Bloomington, Privacera, Joint Ventures, Nationwide, PwC, TechPoint, and Purdue University.

“The principle idea is to unite technology practitioners from around the world, harness innovation to execute brilliant tech ideas, and finally network and integrate with the broader business community to build trust and community leadership.” says Sandeep Allam, CEO of STLogics & advisory board member of #IDC2020

The Digital Innovation Virtual Conference 2020 has a commendable line up of immersive tracks in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, Enterprises Analytics in healthcare/life sciences, government, insurance/finance, academia, engineering/automotive, and technology.

If you are a professional in data sciences and analytics, Digital Innovation Virtual Conference 2020 (#IDC2020) seems to be a great opportunity for you to consider to learn from and network with global Industry 4.0 influencers from anywhere in the world. Needless to say that with greater insights into their minds, you can also advance your LinkedIn network and be in the loop of trends revolutionizing industries around the world.

Attend this conference, enrich your knowledge, take control of your domain, and set for new direction all from the convenience of your home. So, see you at the conference. Onward!


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