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It is a tough and challenging market. You need to build and market your eminence through credible digital channels to earn respect and industry authority. And so, there’s never a better time than to apply today as a contributing writer to StartuptoEnterprise.

StartuptoEnterprise is a global digital news and media publication featuring people, business, technology, & marketing across startups to enterprises. StartuptoEnterprise is actively seeking high-quality, experienced writers to write on marketing, technology, business, and high performing professionals. Unless you match and/or exceed the site’s current content standards, continue reviewing & revising. 

Follow the below steps to become a successful contributor with StartuptoEnterprise.

1. Dear, you got to be a real person. To testify that, you must provide-
i) links to three previously published articles on third-party websites in your domain,
ii) a link to your active and up-to-date LinkedIn profile with a minimum of 500+ connections, &
iii) a third-person bio in 240 characters. No compromise.

2. All articles submitted must be-
i) original,
ii) relevant, &
iii) previously unpublished
*We respect our writers and sources. We don’t tolerate plagiarism.*

3. There’s no compensation at the moment. Contributing writer gets-
i) bylines &
ii) up to two DA60+ do-follow backlinks.

4. Follow StartuptoEnterprise on LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook before submitting the article. We’ll use them to tag and social interact with your content.

Do not forget to read our published articles on StartuptoEnterprise for higher chances of acceptance.

  • Select a category for your post
  • 1. Write your news article. 2. Check for spelling & grammar. 3. Use credible links to quotes, facts, & figures. 4. Write in short paragraphs. 5. Min 750- Max 800 words.
  • Write 140-characters compelling article summary
  • Add up to 3 tags of max 3 words each. Separate tags with commas.
  • *Important* 1. Add 3 links to previously published articles on third party sites relevant to your domain. 2. Add link to active and up-to-date LinkedIn profile with a minimum of 500+ connections. 3. Write your third-person bio in 240 characters.
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