Sunday, July 25, 2021

Are we Counting on these Indian Women in Real Estate?

Indian women in real estate are yet to be fully celebrated for the value they bring to constructing a progressive image of India.

The real estate industry in India has been largely a playfield for the male. It is hard to come across a woman broker, and the experience is telling if you are in Mumbai searching for rental properties. The various Facebook groups dealing in real estate are a notorious gathering of shady middlemen with no level of professionalism. Big real estate giants in India prefer recruiting male candidates for the fieldwork because the notion is women can’t get through the sweat and grind construction site or the intelligence of investment decisions. So, is the Indian real estate scene so bleak for women? Gather up, here we are with a brief profile of six Indian women in real estate, marking a big dent with their professional ingenuity. Ready?

Manju Yagnik_Indian Women in Real Estate

Manju Yagnik